Thursday, August 20, 2009

Vacation Recap: Part One.

Ethan and I had been looking forward to our trip to Orange County - after it came and went, we can't say we were at all disappointed! It was crazy - exhilarating, hilarious, confusing, shocking, touching, and fulfilling all at once.

Sleepy Ethan waiting to board.
Myself, bitter over the fact that the girl who checked our bags gave me attitude. Grrr.
Once we arrived chez Michelle (and Cassie and Kayla and future roommate Amanda), Ethan was all Chewy bars, all the time.
Day 2. We make make [theoretically] heart-shaped cinnamon pancakes. :] The first batch? Not so good. The second?...
So cute! Our lovely hostess offered us balled cantaloupe and guava juice to go along with them. Please admire the very fancy tableware.
Next on the agenda: overhaul Michelle's lovely little apartment. We put up some drapes.
I like to take credit for this kitchen masterpiece - Michelle's apron and assorted cooking tools and utensils, and a dishtowel. The top righthand corner needed something. Aha! A "Sex in the City" DVD cover placed in a white Ikea frame. Perect.
The next day was reserved for hangin' out before heading to Los Angeles for dinner at Bossa Nova. Michelle got so excited she needed to use her inhaler.
Ethan got excited in a different way. Michelle followed suit.
Boyfriend's so good-lookin'.
The only candid shot Michelle allowed me to take.
Obligatory sibling shot.
My best friend is so beautiful!
We are so avant garde.
Besties bein' besties.
And again, but cuter.
This is Angus, the apartment complex cat. Angus is a female.

Bossa Nova was amazing. If you're ever in Los Angeles county, stop by and try the pao de queijo and the skirt steak salad! Ask for Frank, who works in the back. If you're a pretty female, like Michelle, he just might send you a complimentary dessert accompanied by his phone number.

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