Friday, August 21, 2009

Vacation Recap: Part Two.

What's a trip to Southern California without a beach visit? Or two? So off we went to Huntington Beach, where the weather was beautiful and the water was... freezing. Only at first!

Remember this hat? Thanks to mi madre, it enjoyed a makeover! It's easier to match and much more feminine now.
Not that I do it any favors.
Michelle insisted on this sappiness.
She also insisted on bitterness. She refused to smile normally with Ethan in a photo. Apparently siblings "don't do that."
I rest my case.
This little guy's name is Shadow. We met him wandering with his owners on the beach. He's about as big as my hand and as adorable as can be!
Whatta celebritay!
The water was chilly.
Ethan can walk on water.
Best friends angry in the ocean.The hat would only stay on for so long. Eventually we all ended up soaked and happy. :]

We burried Ethan in the sand and he emerged a changed man.
The next day, Michelle gave us two options: A) to stay near Fullerton for the day; or B) to visit Santa Monica Pier. Stumped, we told Ethan to make the decision. He chose A. And yet we ended up in Santa Monica nonetheless. Such is the power of a woman.
Please look at Michelle, who, thanks to the background of this photo and her adorable outfit, looks like she is straight out of a vintage Pepsi ad. :]
Happy happy happy!
You could pay about $500 to have this thing bite your finger.
Little did we know that moments later, Ethan would point out a pantsless man standing right next to us.
We opted for a Bubba Gump lunch. We had the nicest waitress ever!
And Michelle finally reached out to Frank of Bossa Nova fame. ;] His response to her super sweet text message? "¿Hablas espaƱol?" Darn it!
We made a quick trip down the Promenade and stumbled apon this miraculous view in the Kitson Outlet, which was... otherwise sadly unimpressive, actually.
I snacked on this chocolate on chocolate cupcake from the appropriately-named Yummy Cupcakes before we hit up the theatre to [finally] see "Harry Potter." Which was fine. None of us are huge fans.
We got lost on the way home and somehow found ourselves at Bossa Nova again. We couldn't complain. This time we had the pleasure of meeting Frank - and we can't say we weren't thrilled when Frank sent another complimentary dessert to our table. This time, it was their chocolate grande cake. So good! So good.

And then my parents arrived... ;]

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