Sunday, September 6, 2009

All done with little to show for it.

So I realized that despite the fact that I've had an awesome last few days, I have little visuals to offer you. I'll admit that I myself am naturally predisposed to dislike blocks of text with no illustration, but bear with me all the same.

Well obviously there's been a new addition to my family. I'm so, so excited to have a kitten of my own. So far I am deliriously in love with him! Here is the story of Sonny. My dog Maggie has been ill recently. She was constantly scratching and biting; she was panting all the time and she had gained ten unwarranted pounds in the last six or so months (a lot for a dog who was already a bit overweight). Needless to say, a veterinarian trip was in order - make that a handful of veterinarian trips. After three visits, Maggie's problems were solved (fleas - again - and an underactive thyroid...) - and somewhere along the way, my mom met Sonny.

She almost didn't tell me she'd seen him - she knew I'd be after her to adopt him - so once she'd let it slip, she and my father made it clear that we were "not in the position" for a new animal in the house. I'll spare the boring details, but basically - Sonny was a no-go. Nonetheless, I jumped at the opportunity to go meet the cat myself, and it was love at first sight. So you can imagine my disappointment when I finally mustered up the courage to ask Ethan to visit him with me days later - "I can't get him, so I might as well say goodbye" - and Sonny was nowhere to be found. I nearly cried.

I happened to be at the post office on Wednesday and walked past the vet on my way out. I realized Sonny was in the window (I would later find out they had only removed him temporarily the week before). My mom and I visited with him, and after playing with him - and hearing his motor-like purr! - I was sold. But my confidence soon fizzled - we have a herding dog; I go to college; I'll be moving soon... After wavering back and forth, I finally made the decision to adopt him. Two days later, he was mine.

The employees at the vet's office remarked how Sonny had been brought in with several of his siblings to be put up for adoption. They said they marveled at the fact that he was the last, not the first, to go - he was the best of the bunch. I knew that my family and I made the right decision, and that this was God's plan. I know it might seem like no big deal to some, but the truth is, I'll probably be taking care of Sonny until I'm thirty-five years old. I'm very happy about this. :]

I'm a wee bit obsessed. Seriously, I bet the people in my life are sick of hearing about this little guy. But you can't help who you love... ;P

Anyway! Enough gushing - although I can't guarantee I won't gush again soon. From the top, people! On Monday, Ethan and I tried Orange Tree frozen yogurt for the first time... Way too good. We've also been obsessing over Giants baseball. Then Tuesday night, I talked to my lovely friend Jenny on Skype. She's currently living in the cutest little apartment in Texas where she's attending school.

On Thursday night, Ethan and I went to Katrina's humble little abode near our University. I cooked us up some carne asada tacos and we talked about life - summer, school, the future in general. Katrina's a talented lady, which is probably why San Jose Rep hired her to work with students in their summer program this year. She's also such a sweetheart that she offered Ethan and I free tickets to the Rep's production of "As You Like It," which - while lengthy - was good. :] So that's what we did Friday.

Anna and Chris, henceforth dubbed "The Couple That Isn't."

And Saturday night was a night to catch up with our dear friends Chris and Anna ("The Couple That Isn't" because they are clearly in love, but beyond the romantic aspect). Plans to see a movie fell through, but brilliant Anna suggested we all visit Rok Bistro for some dessert. Let's just say the waitress was making eyes at Ethan the whole evening! Am I the only one who finds it flattering when other women flirt with her boyfriend? Anyway, we shared some laughs and lots of sarcasm over a pot of chocolate fondue. I can tell you that my stomach wasn't disappointed, but my waistline is! :[ Regardless, Ethan and I are always so happy to see those two because a) they're awesome; and b) they were our biggest supporters in the tumultuous initial "are we or aren't we?" phase of our relationship. :P

An evening spent with Chris and Anna is almost like a foursome date. We are that amorous.

All in all, it's been a fabulous week and I can't wait to see what this next one has in store for me. :]


Julia said...

I could never get sick of hearing about cats. So cute!

Grace said...

I agree - especially in their kitten stage.

<3 Grace.