Thursday, September 17, 2009

Excerpts from the Wisdom Tooth Extraction Diaries.

Guess what? I am sitting here with an ice pack ace-bandaged around my head. I'm not joking. Believe me, I look really awesome.

Pre-wisdom tooth extraction I went on a spree - I cleaned almost every rinch of my beyond messy room. I threw out a lot; gathered a lot for charity; and had a lot of help from Ethan, who in all of his Math Major glory, counted a ton of coins for me. The end result? About sixty dollars in change. Not bad! I also decorated the space with newly-framed photos of those dearest to me. :] Cheers me up just to see them!

My beautiful "Get Well Soon!" gift basket, including a soup bowl and spoons, tea bags, and gauze (which I did use!), from Ethan's family. So sweet of them!! Definitely cheered me up to open my door to find it after E dropped it off on my first afternoon sans wisdom teeth. :]

Then Monday morning, I went in for the surgery.. I came home in good spirits and stopped bleeding quite quickly. At first I was positive I was going to make a quick and beastly recovery, but I learned that my face has a tendency to swell up like a balloon. It's been a bit rough. I've spent four days looking like a chipmunk - which is supposedly normal. A little less normal is my pain level - I'm on my second prescription of Vicodin. I usually have a moderate to high tolerance for pain, so this is bad news bears.

I've eaten more soup and ice cream this week than I have in the past year, I think. Watched a lot of television. It's also given me a lot of time to write letters, which I love doing. Love me some snail mail. Do you want a letter? I will send you one. I've sent them to Chicago, Spain, Italy, and Texas so far. I also sat back and designed a trifecta of really cute dresses that will probably never be made. Eventually I'll be posting them here as part of competition I'm entering for Shabby Apple Dresses. Any ideas I can bring to life?

Anyway I'm beyond exhausted and also Ethan-deprived. I'm going to see him for the first time in four days tonight! We're tuning into "The Office" premiere together. :] School starts Monday; I also have an audition that night. Let's hope I walk on campus looking like Grace and not like a large cheeked rodent.

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Yelena R. said...

Aww get well soon! I dont even want to know if i have to get mine out :( I've been dreading going to the dentist for the past few years...eek