Friday, September 18, 2009

So long, summer.

Summer is ending. I know most people have already gone back to school, but that's the price they pay for getting out a month earlier from college than I do. I didn't anticipate such a slow recovery from my wisdom tooth removal, so I was sad to see the last week of summer slip through my fingers. But I'm pleased to announce that tonight made up for it.

Obviously, this is not me. It is simply a visual representation of what I've been doing lately.

The mouth health has been progressing, but my pain tolerance (thought by me usually to be moderate to high) has proved inadequate. Today was a low point, but my wonderful mom took good care of me; this evening Ethan took over as my caretaker. He actually spoon fed me my dinner. Really. I OnDemanded "He's Just Not That Into You," which E reluctantly agreed to watch. We decided it was pretty good. Ethan mostly liked it because of the pretty ladies in it, I think. It was so fun to cuddle up next to E (sitting on the floor, to be closer to the TV, since somebody forgot to wear his contacts) with the pets and enjoy a chick flick, like a happy fuzzy family of four. Five if you count the ever-present icepack stuck to the side of my face.

An awesome evening - though so simple, perhaps my very best of all of summer. Ah - the season premiere of "The Office" yesterday was splendid, and I even managed to sit through the premiere of "Parks and Recreation." Decided "Jay Leno" at ten at night is a collosal waste of prime time TV. But painful week aside, I've been great.

It's helped to have a little company from Sonny. He definitely knows I'm his mommy - and I'm reminded of the fact every time he runs out to greet me and implores me to pet him by rolling over and enticing me with that cute little belly. :] Melts my heart!

What was the point of this, exactly? Hey blogosphere, sorry this post was so lame.

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