Monday, September 21, 2009

First day.

Hey look guys, I am so cool! In reality, this photo is so embarrassing but I really enjoyed my outfit today, so it must be documented.

Is it fair that my Spanish professor told us that because all but four people in the class took Spanish in high school we'd be moving at a faster pace, and therefore we four would need to secure tutors immediately? Spanish 1 and I'm already behind! I'm recruiting Ethan as my tutor. Hopfully I won't regret the decision to forgo an official tutor. Also peculiar: this class is held in the Engineering building. Interesting.

Then I have Acting with Ethan. Such a joy to see him across the room. :] I have a two hour break followed what seems to be the longest Theatre History class ever. My English class is taught by a little middle-aged Indian woman who posed the question "What would life be like without love? Without the heights of passion and the depths of despair? Without Beyonce and Jay-Z?" Be still my heart! So deep!

I also had an audition this evening, which was nervewracking but fun. I've missed theatre. Can't wait to jump back in! Callbacks tomorrow, so a follow-up will follow... up... Eh.

I am relieved I don't have class tomorrow (or Thursday) because finishing Day One means I have also effectively completed Day 2. :]

Obligatory yet unrelated Sonny photos just to finish off the post.

This is what a hot day looks like. And believe me, it's been hot!
Cat gymnast.
This is a fave. Please enjoy a sleepy [and growing!] Sonny sprawled across a table.


Yelena R. said...

Love your outfit!

Kandace said...

¡Hola chica! No olvides que tienes una chica español por todos sus problemas de español. ¡Puedo ayudarte! (Y, tu novio también, por supuesto.) ¿Cuál clase de español has tenido? ¿Cuál profesora? No te preocupes. Te ayudaré. Me alegro oír sobre sus clases de Santa Clara, especialmente las clases de teatro. ¿Tienes Father Fred por la historia de teatro? ¿Qué tal los ‘callbacks’? (No sé en español :)) Es imposible creer no estoy en Santa Clara por un semestre, pero es la verdad. Vale, está siesta aquí y necesito dormir y descansar. ¡Tu gato está maravilloso!

Hasta luego, amor.

Grace said...

Here is my response to my interpretation of your comment pre-translator: Yes, luckily I have Ethan here and YOU en espana (my professor for Spanish 1 [at 8am, boo] is Sra. Maria Gonzalaz-Santos, and she speaks Castilian, so she does "th" for the "c" sound, which I think I remember you mentioning happens where you are!).
Yes, Father Fred is teaching Theatre History, which is sooo exciting...
I'll find out about callbacks in a couple hours when E goes to check for me, since I'm not on-campus today!
I like my cat, too!

Love ya!

<3 Grace.

ps: I translated it and I did pretty well!
I know it must be weird not being at SCU this quarter, but luckily all your friends will keep you updated.
Until then, keep having fun!

You Are My Fave said...

That outfit is too cute. It really did need to be documented.