Sunday, October 18, 2009

Nom nom nom.

Mehhh. I was going for cute curls but ended up with eighties hair. I tamed it for the most part, I think.

I love food. And I have to deal with the consequences of that fact. Anyway, although I'm a foodie, I'm not really one for Asian cuisine. So when Ethan told me he wanted to take me out for Japanese food, I was skeptical... But I ended up loving it!

Check out dis cutie!

Before the meal, Ethan taught me to use chopsticks - something I had never been able to actually do. And guess what? I successfully used them the entire time! Even for my rice. I was so proud.

First impression: "Diet Coke in a mini glass bottle? I LOVE THIS PLACE!"
Kicked off the eating extravaganza with some goyza, which are Japanese style potstickers. So delicious!
Some Miso soup and tsukemno. This soup was a little too seaweedy and the veggies a little too pickled for my tastes.
My chicken teriyaki. Which was to die for.
And, lastly, shrimp tempura - Ethan's fave.

We were stuffed. And yet we jetted off to the movie theatre to watch "Whip It." Afterward, Ethan owed me an apology because he thought it looked dumb and I thought it looked awesome. Our verdict? It was awesome.

Great night.

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Kandace said...

All of the sodas in Spain/Europe are served in glasses like that! So bizarre! I feel so fancy drinking a diet coke.