Monday, December 14, 2009

Date night.

Ethan spent the afternoon preparing us a little dinner for two! He kept it all very secret so I didn't know what he'd made until he arrived at my house. And although the above photo shows two placesettings opposite of each other, I assure you I almost immediately moved my booty from the far side of the table to the position next to Ethan. :] I am a giddy school girl. Okay.

Finishing touches by the chef. Ethan loves food. There are few things Ethan enjoys more than butter, but I think one of them might be salt. Cos he loves salt. A lot.
He cooked up some angel hair pasta and topped it with homemade meat sauce.
He prepped this amazingly tasty avocado, tomato and lime salad.
And I handled the table. :D Here's the whole spread, complete with our weapons of choice: mini-cupcakes (vanilla bean and red velvet) and Diet Dr. Pepper.
Yes, yes, I know... I do consider myself extremely lucky. <3

An amazing day of mother-daughter bonding (shopping and eating out - what could be better?) followed by an equally amazing night! My week is clearly off to a great start. I am one happy girl.


Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

giddy school girls are the coolest.

Anna said...

dinner looks delish! what a sweet bf you have :)

Anonymous said...

soooooooooooooooo lovely! <3

Allison said...

My goodness- that looks DELICIOUS. I'm kind of jealous... Ethan seems like a GREAT boyfriend and guy! :D