Friday, December 18, 2009

Making introductions.

Hello from San Francisco! I'm coming to you live from Union Square.

Chris, Anna, me, and E chilling at the Hotel Tomo! in Japantown earlier this week.

We have gained a few new followers. In light of such, I think that I'd like to share a little info with you all to let you know a little about the kids behind the blog. Upon the suggestion of another sweet Anna's blog, I'm going to post ten random facts about myself/Ethan/both of us.

1. Ethan and I met in Bible class when we were fifteen. It was my first day at my new school and I have complete recollection of our conversation. He was just a little prepubescent boy then. Good times.
2. At an early age, I dreamed of becoming a television actress.
3. I have always struggled with my weight and continue to do so.
4. Fewer things are more pleasing to me than making artwork. I love photography, graphic design, visual arts...
5. The first kiss that Ethan and I shared occurred completely by accident backstage at our closing show of "Meet Me in St. Louis" senior year. Our real first kiss happened in a park about two months later, just after Ethan had asked my father for permission to date me. ;]
6. I'd like to consider myself a little bit of a Martha Stewart around the home.
7. Ethan and I attend the same university. This was purely coincidence. Although, I guess "coincidence" is just a term we use when unexpected elements of God's plans for us come together. :]
8. I want to graduate university early and go on to get my teaching credential.
9. Most of my good friends were made in high school, but I have a couple who have been there for me since middle school. Given the hard times I've encountered feeling accepted at my university, I've especially come to cherish them in this last year. I love the friends that I do have, but I wish I had more. For some reason, it's not easy for me to establish close bonds with people, even if I really like them. I think I'm a little shy.
10. I might have a minor addiction to diet soda.

The darling Victoria has inspired me to write down ten things I love about myself. I don't really like to be so directly self-complimentary, but I figure it might be a lesson in self-esteem. ;]

1. I love that I am a child of God. Or, more technically, I love that I am aware of the fact that I am a child of God, because it has granted me the ability to recognize that Jesus is my savior. Ask me about it if you'd like to know more about my spiritual journey.
2. I love that I am educated (and appreciate my parents' financial support for that aforementioned education). I would not consider myself a genius, but I do know that my education has allowed me to become a well-informed citizen and a critical thinker. And I enjoy that.
3. I love that I am creative. I love being able to throw together a comprehensive project, whether it be art, a party, or an outfit.
4. I love that I am talented. God gave me the abilities to sing and act, and I think that's pretty cool.
5. I love my eyes. Just because!
6. I love my curves. Most days.
7. I love that I can bake. Seriously.
8. I love that I am friendly. It really takes you places!
9. I love that I am a [insert my last name here]. My family members are each a huge part of my life! My parents shaped me to be a decent person and my brother keeps me laughing. My grandparents, both here and passed, also greatly influenced me. I appreciate them all so much.
9. I love that I am a blogger. A lot of people tell me that blogging is narcissistic, and that may be true. But to be, it is an outlet and I think it's pretty cool to be open about things in such a public place.
10. I love that I am blessed. I live a pretty amazing life.

Now, just out of curiosity... Who is reading this? :] I ask because I know I have some dedicated readers thanks to a stat counter I've installed. I have a small number of public followers - each of whose blogs have proven to be very entertaining. The rest of the readers, however, remain behind a veil of anonymity. In a perfect world, I'd know my audience and would delight in having conversation with them...

Please - introduce yourself! If you do so, I guarantee you a post filled with lots more photos from our Japantown excursion. And, in fact, I guarantee one even if you don't do so. :]


b said...

Dear Grace.
I'd love to introduce myself. I'm female, age 19, a current resident of Cambridge, MA. I am 5'4", prefer dark chocolate, and love watching meteor showers. I met you eight years ago and I frankly don't really remember it. But five years ago we became quite good friends (I'd like to think) and drew party hats on party fish and generally did not pay attention in physics. Though we don't talk every day anymore, I stalk your blog like crazy (heh) and I'm pretty sure you sometimes read mine. I miss you lots and we should catch up when I am home!! xo, b.

Grace said...

Dear B,
I don't remember meeting you either! But I do remember our times in physics with the LYNCHMEISTER! I do read your tumblr quite often and would love to catch up in person soon! Good luck finishing finals. Thanks for introducing yourself! ;]

<3 Grace.

Anonymous said...

i am biscuit.
i like taking pictures and drinking coffee.
i also like cartoon network and cheetos late at night.

i'm addicted to eBay.

lovely to meet you.

Grace said...

Hi Biscuit, oh lady of the pink hair.
I am with you on the taking photos and I myself suffer from a certain addiction to Etsy.
Have you tried the "all natural" puffy Cheetos?
I enjoy them.

Nice to meet you as well - your blog is lovely!

<3 Grace.

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

aww this is wonderful!! I loved reading about how you guys met and that he asked permission to date you! That is a wonderful thing! How old are you now again?
Thanks for posting your list of loves of yourself. I agree with you on blogging!

Kandace said...

hello sunshine! i'm kandace - in case you don't know me. and my blog is about to take a turn because i'm heading home from spain, so we'll see what goes on NEXT.

hello other followers of graces. let's be efriends, too.

Allison said...

Hi Grace (and Ethan)!
I JUST found your blog today, and am loving the friendly atmosphere and beautiful pictures. My name is Allison (as may be slightly obvious by my "________ said" thing next to my comment), and it's nice to meet you!

Can't wait to see photos from your guys' Japantown excursion. :D

Grace said...

Kandace - I think I know you!
I can't believe you're coming home, but who knows what will happen next?
Can't wait to see you soon!

So nice to meet you, Allison!
Thank you for your sweet compliments and all - thank you for following!

<3 Grace.

Anna said...

thanks for making your little list grace! i love them both! i fancy myself a little martha stewart too! oh and your first kiss :) can't wait to see more photos!