Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ethan is a mathematics major.

Despite his talents in other fields, his mathy knowledge always prevails. Being artsy and craftsy, I make fun of him because, honestly, who would willingly subject themselves to a lifetime of math?

He Skype messaged me a few minutes ago...

Ethan: Sorry I haven't talked to you recently - I was doing gymnastics with my dad!

THE MENTAL PICTURE. Oh the mental picture of Ethan and his father clad in eighties work-out gear complete with sweatbands. I laughed aloud.

Turns out he was actually talking about computer programming. Well, okay.


CupcakeSniper said...

Lol you're hilarious! And adorable!!
You guys make such a cute couple!!

Justice Pirate said...

That made me laugh too.

CupcakeSniper said...

Aww you did not litter my page! I loved it! Yea wow is scary if you started just by trying out that 14 day free trial you'll get hooked. I had to stop because I have too much to do btw school work hubby and home right now..try the free trial.well, if he's not playing that one then don't, but just try whichever he's playing for about a week, it's fun :D
then you won't feel so left out..and whenever you do..just think, yay this gives me time do be crafty!!! <3
that's what I do..what can we do, I think video games are inbred into them!

<3 Lex