Monday, December 7, 2009

Sonny, yesterday my life was filled with rain.

It's rainy and it's cold. Yes, 45 degrees at 2:30 in the afternoon is darn cold in Northern California. It's finals week. However, both of my finals are today. I will be in the second quarter of my sophomore year of college in a matter of hours. Stoked. :]


Anonymous said...

You wouldn't like it over here in NJ. . .it's been in the 20 degree area all week!! we got snow the other day.

Grace said...

You know, I don't entirely mind the cold - it's just when I expect it to warm up, I don't bundle up so I suffer the consequences!

But you're right - a prolonged period in the cold would probably make me sad.
BUT, I love snow!
Lucky you!

<3 Grace.

ps: I don't know who you are or if you'll ever visit my blog and see this again!
I had to respond here because I couldn't figure out if you had a blog of your own.
Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

woops it is Victoria (JusticePirate/Tiedemann Tribe blog) . . .I am signed into my main email address now and not my blog email address. sorry. I don't like snow other than for the first three days so too bad we can't switch!

Anna said...

good luck with your finals!

CupcakeSniper said...

You are gorgeous!!

my dear can you give me your email address ;)

Anonymous said...

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