Monday, January 11, 2010

Charlyne Yi and my brother come together for a special occasion.

My former high school doesn't "do" prom. To a Christian high school, the word "prom" wreaks of cat fights, excessive grinding, and - inevitably - baby-making. Duh?

So we have a banquet. And let me tell you - guys go all out asking girls to this event. To give you an idea: a certain someone asked a very single me to Banquet Senior year. Each period, he sent me a sweet poem and an accompanying item to clue me in on his identity. Finally, I received a clue telling me that I would encounter this mysterious man in the Quad during lunch, and he would finally pop the question. Guess what I found? A man in a monkey suit. IN A TREE. Ethan jumped down, serenaded me, and asked me to be his date. Somehow through my shock (and embarrassment - so many people were watching!) I managed to say yes. He also, at some point, was shirtless. But that's neither here nor there.

Incidentally, by the end of the day, we were goin' steady.

Back to the point: although my high school doesn't "do" prom, they do host Winter Formals - the next of which is coming up at the beginning of next month.

I never saw the movie "Paper Heart," but I do know that it starred Michael Cera and actress and comedienne Charlyne Yi. Now, in the season of Winter Formal proposals, my brother made a request to Miss Yi: would she mind helping him ask Cassidy (his girlfriend of three and a half years) to Winter Formal?

Charlyne's response?

See for yourself, my loves.

So, I mean, maybe not quite as exciting as a man jumping out of a tree in a monkey suit, but hey. Cassidy did not complain.* She just said yes.

*I'm kidding. It's pretty darn exciting.


Celeste said...

hahaha this is so CUTE!!-- i loved paper heart! also, i realized i answered your questions on MY blog instead of yours (my bad). if you go back to that post.. all of your questions are answered <3

Allison said...

HAHAHA!! SO THIS is what you were talking about! AMAZING. She is SO cool.

And the reason I sounded so nerdy on twitter? Is because I thought that for no apparent reason Charlyne asked Cassidy to prom.. like, not with Tucker. And I thought it was strange.


Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

As much as Charlene is a cool person to have ask for you to have your girlfriend go to the formal, I don't think it beats Ethan's monkey suit at all with all those clues. it think that is simply amazing and classic and imaginative.

I went to a Christian school for 9 years and left after freshman year. They had dances but didn't yell at people to stop grinding or whatever. There were only 50 people at the dance though too. . .so most probably partied elsewhere. haha. BUT they did have proms, but I wasn't there anymore to see what that was like. I went to my prom in public school senior year and shouldn't have. it was awful and boring! We didn't go my junior year because we thought it would be that way and decided the following year to just do it in case we would regret it. WOOPS looks like we regret going! haha. It was the fakest thing ever. Oh well.

Anna said...

oh my goodness this is so sweet! must see Paper Heart now. and how you and ethan got together, so very adorable!