Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snow Trip, Part Two.

A group of assorted friends of ours took off to the Sierra Nevadas for a couple of days of fun.

The girls of the trip.
Billy, Brittany, Jinelle, and your favorite couple. This is the whole gang, minus Matt - he would meet us along the way!
One of these things is not like the other...
And then, we drove for four hours. First stop: Panda Express. Second stop, however: COLUMBIA!
A kind soul offered to take a photo of the group. Moments later, we found a Matt!
We stumbled upon these creeptastic masks in a little store.
So, naturally, we did some gender-bending.
Told you.
Exploring the surrounding grounds, I took this photo. It is possibly the cutest snapshot of these two in existence.
Um, I adore Ethan.
Jinelle and Matt!
Me and Jinelle!
I told Ethan to put on a sexy face. The results were alarming.
And, Billy at his best!
I want to love this photo for its amazing lighting, but something about it makes it really awkward. Maybe it's the illusion of my giant head. Maybe it is Ethan's "Please hurry up and take the photo" smile. Eh.

And then we did some more driving. We hit up the grocery store, did dinner, and went home where the boys built a masterful fire and we played games and watched movies til we couldn't play games and watch movies no more. So we slept. And got up early, anticipating some serious TUBING FUN.

The boys spent the better half of the trip playing Double Shutter. I had to tear them away from the game so we could leave, only to find that they brought it in the car as well.
The last shot of us before our life-altering snow day. I assume you've already seen the tubing extravaganza? Make it happen, people!

It was New Year's Eve, of course, so there was much fun to be had that night! We organized a little dinner for six, and had the bottles [of Sparkling Apple Cider] poppin' and flowin'.

A strange photo of my love and me.
We all dressed up for the occasion.
My impromptu centerpiece. :]
The table. On the menu: a previously-frozen lasagna that never quite cooked through, soggy Caesar salad, and a package parmesan rolls. Yeah, my bad. Oh well.
And, for dessert, the usual: [delicious] chocolate fondue.

As the clock struck twelve, I found myself excited for the novelty and uncertainty of the New Year. And then... I found myself super tired. :P

Happy 2010, Belatedly!


Allison said...

Yay, you look beautiful! And those masks ARE creeptastic.. wherever did you find them? :D

Celeste said...

Ahhh congratulations! It's very nice to meet you. Florence is amazing so far, I really love it. I don't mind at all that you're following my adventures- I love having people to share them with.

Once I finish my term here (March), if you have any questions about good restaurants or GELATERIAS!!! I will hopefully have good suggestions for you!

Yay I'm excited for you, so glad you found my blog (esp. through Allison, since she's amazing)

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

haha love the masks too!!
You always have such great organizational skills and look great in your outfits too!!! I am truly wishing now you didn't live across the country.