Saturday, January 23, 2010

It's design time.

You might remember that I've dappled in in design before. This is my first swing as a costume designer.

Behold: my projected designs for Christopher Durang's " 'Dentity Crisis" for the Winter One Act Festival. Please ignore any mangled hands and the lack of facial identity. I don't do faces because I can't draw faces. I guess that fits in with the idea of identity crisis. Just to give you a little insight into the craziness of the show: that's my character, on the left. The fourth guy from the left? That's my son. We might share an on-stage kiss. Or several. SAY WHAT?

Excited to venture into the costume shop and start pulling pieces. :]


Bethany said...

Hey Grace!

Well, well, well, what can I say? The costumes look absolutely amazing! They're incredibly stylish yet at the same time very individual. A job well done, although it doesn't seem like a huge surprise because I've been browsing some of your other work and I must say you're one talented girl!

In a similar vein, I've been browsing through your blog and love your dedication and your warmth when it comes to blogging. Your photos with Ethan are especially cute :) If I may ask, what is Ethan's ethnicity? I'm half-Chinese, half-Australian myself and have been trying to work out if he's full Asian or a halfie like me! My curiosity has gotten the better of me once again! Either way, gorgeous pictures :)

Much love,

Bethany xx

Grace said...

Thank you so much for your compliments, my dear Bethany!!
It always warms my heart to hear such sweet words, particularly when it comes to things about which I'm passionate.

First of all, I must say that I'm pretty jealous you're Australian - I'd love to visit Australia, if only just to acquire an adorable accent.
Secondly, I will indulge your curiosity: Ethan is half-German and half-Filipino.

<3 Grace.

Anna said...

grace these are lovely! i hope it all goes well! :) xox

sheena said...

these are adorable!! love these little people:)