Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Celebrate good times.

I love my friends and family, FYI.

For whatever reason, I have very few photos from my Saturday birthday celebration with friends and my Sunday Easter and birthday celebration with family. I take this as a sign that we were enjoying ourselves just too much to bother with cameras. So here are two snapshots from Sunday.

One of these things is not like the others.
A delicious sacher torte with raspberry filling courtesy of my dearest boyfriend's family.

On Monday I had classes. But on Monday night, my friends from college threw me a party - a throwback to our childhood. We dressed up like our former selves and had fun.

Luckily for me, my best friend Michelle was in town for the event!

Princess and average girl.

I feel like I shouldn't admit this, but I will: I was over half an hour late to my OWN PARTY. Anyway, it was not a surprise party but the party-goers decided to "surprise" me nonetheless. I promise there were more than four people there, by the way.

Birthday hugs from some of my friends!

In an amazing display of brilliance, dedication, and thoughtfulness, my friend Melissa baked about fifty cupcakes. In keeping with the childhood theme, some were multi-colored, frosted in neon, and each had a crazy candle or a little cutout on top. Belle of "Beauty and the Beast" is my favorite princess, so, naturally, that center cupcake is mine. :]

Me, blowing out the candles upon my arrival!

Molly, complete with super hero-status cape and sipping punch through a crazy straw, and me with a delicious cupcake.

Me and

Ah, yes. The best friends. <3

Overall, an amazing birthday celebrated with people I love. I'm twenty, you guys! :]


Anna said...

wow this looks like such a fun birthday get together! i love the theme!

happy (belated) birthday miss grace!

Justice Pirate said...

love the little gingham apron dress. Happy birthday!! I love the cake! you and your friends are so cool. All my best friends moved to different states now. I want a birthday party this year...if only my husband knew how to do those types of things (which he doesn't) haha. Those cupcakes look so good too! It seems like you all had so much fun!!!!

CupcakeSniper said...

Happy birthday!!! You look like you had the most amazing time!! I love your outfit! I swear you look adorable in anything!! :)