Monday, June 8, 2009

Here is some more happiness.

About two weeks ago, Ethan and I were going to go out to dinner after a six-hour rehearsal for "Twelfth Night." He had forgotten his wallet in his room, so we walked back to his dorm to retrieve it. We walked in the door and he then guided me through the room to find a series of cute and hilarious notes that he had written for me and posted in various places. Well, he told me an admirer had written them - an admirer bearing the same name as a certain cat we've giggled about before. The whole thing was adorable. While most of the notes are two inside jokey or sappy to share with the rest of the normal world, I decided to post a couple that made me smile. Ethan is the best. :]

HAHA. Amazing. :]

ps: thanks for the encouragment you posted for me, E! Good luck with your finals this week - I know you'll be fantastic! muah!

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