Sunday, November 8, 2009

"Fried Squid Balls": An Exposition.

Our dear friend, the lovable Chris Ham, was in town for two nights only, so yesterday evening we met up with him for some chow.

Ever heard of Quickly? Please do not consider this post an endorsement for that establishment. I think one should only frequent Quickly if they intend to die a premature death. As Ethan says, "Quickly portions their food in order to give you the amount of food exactly equal to the amount that will kill you." Good thing Chris and I more or less split an order of tater tots (identified on the menu as "Tater Totes"). Ethan abstained altogether - he is, after all, only just recovering from a gastrointestinal bacteria (seriously!).

We decided we'd had enough. But not before Chris decided to order "Fried Squid Balls." I have several objections to this menu item: a) ambiguous title (what, exactly, are "squid balls"?); b) false advertising (clearly, they are wedges, not balls); c) the fact that Chris actually willing chose to order something called "Fried Squid Balls." Never fear; they were not eaten.
Chris, contemplating whether or not his fried squid balls were worth trying.
Ethan couldn't even look. I want to call him a Drama Queen, but I honestly don't blame him.

So then we packed up and headed to Orange Tree before making the hour-long trek to Chris' and back. I'll tell ya, every experience with Chris is an exciting one! Next time, he says, we're trying the "Pop Dogs." Can't wait for Thanksgiving when we reunite once more. :P

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