Thursday, January 28, 2010

Food, glorious food!

After our first week of school back at the beginning of the month, our butts were seriously kicked. So, I took Ethan out for a much needed dinner date. He needed a little pick-me-up, so we bustled on over to the local Japantown to visit his all-time favorite Japanese place, Okayama. My camera (and my amazing new macro lens) joined us.

The salad was amazing. The dressing was delectable.
The miso soup was also amazing. Simplicity at its best.
I didn't touch this little veggie medley because I couldn't bring myself to eat those baby shrimp. I mean, look at 'em!
Let me preface this by saying: I am aware of the fact that I always get the same meal. Always. It's only because I'm new to this whole Asian food thing. Baby steps, people. :P Anyway, the tempura was quite good. Shrimp tempura is tasty, but I can usually only handle one of those. I love squash tempura, so I was disappointed they didn't offer more.
I wanted to love the teriyaki chicken, but I kept thinking of the dishes I've had in the past at Arikake and Okayama. At the time, Ethan always assured me that "This is good, but it's no Okayama," sooo I found myself let down. I'll admit that the chicken itself was delicious; I just like a bit more substance to my teriyaki sauce.
The green tea ice cream was nothing short of absolutely delicious. And I don't even like green tea.

Boring post. But the pictures were pretty.

Weeks later, school is STILL kicking our butts. I can't wait for some recuperation this weekend. Somewhere in between hours of completing assignments and writing essays, we plan on bowling with friends, watching a movie or two, and - oh. Sleeping. :]


blackandwhiteandred said...

hey gracie (: I love the pictures. Just a note (and don't take this rudely) -- in Asian cultures (esp Japanese), the way you've placed your chopsticks in the rice picture, though pretty for food photography, is offensive to them :( They only place their chopsticks into their rice if the bowl is being offered to ancestors or their gods ... which is usually only done at funerals. :| Just a cultural tidbit, there's no way you would have known! xo, b.

Grace said...

lol, I didn't even place my chopsticks for the photo.
I just set them there as I was eating - no cultural offense intended!
Thanks Bonnie!

So does that mean if I've paused to stop eating my rice, I shouldn't leave my chopsticks there?

<3 Grace.

blackandwhiteandred said...

haha yep (: either place them on the little stand they usually give, or horizontally resting on the bowl. (: I know you definitely didn't mean it as an offense - I just thought I'd let you know, as an interesting thing more than anything else, really.


Anna said...

these photos are beautiful! almost so much so that i'm tempted to start eating shrimp and i don't even like sea food! you've got skills lady! enjoy your weekend! xox

Allison said...

PLEASE don't tempt me like this! I just love Japanese food, and I'm literally salivating right now.. Not cool, Grace! :D

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

goodness i always love the photos you take of food. you need to do menus for companies! haha. I want japanese food more than I did in the beginning of the week. cravvvving it.