Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snapshots and a bit of reminiscing.

My brother's Winter Formal is tonight. His crew met at my house before embarking in a party bus to San Francisco to board a boat and spend an evening at sea. The boys even purchased sailor hats in the spirit of seafaring. So awesome, right?

My mother recruited me to take photos of the group of kiddos and I gladly obliged. At the risk of creeping out these kiddos - some who know me and some who don't - I will share some of my favorites here. :]

We saw the children off, and then the jealousy set in. The whole ordeal made me really miss high school formal events. Each time I went to one, I had a blast. I had always gone with a friend as a date... Until senior year's JSB, when a certain someone donned a monkey suit in order to ask me to be his date - and his girlfriend.

Flashback. ;] I was about twenty pounds lighter and Ethan was about two inches shorter. Fact.


Allison said...

These pictures are awesome- and I totally recognize a couple of faces! YAY! :D

Anna said...

i love how they got into the spirit with sailor hats! so cute! you and ethan look SO cute in your photo! it almost makes me miss high school myself ;)

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

yey sailor fashion! These are great shots and I love the last one of course!!!