Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I really should be studying.


I am almost as excited as Ethan is in this photo to share photos of the dinner party decor, and that will happen in due time. To avoid photo-overload, I'm posting a preliminary round of photos of fun and merriment.

One of my favorite things about parties is the blending of the old and the new. Well, newer, anyway. My middle school friend Karina (far left) and one of my newest buddies Monique (third from left) joined a slew of my high school buddies for this snapshot.
One of my friends of over a decade, Jenn, was also sweet enough to join us. :]
A decent-lookin' bunch of kids.
Who are totally and completely normal.
A snippet of cuteness brought you by Marissa.
My best friend Mich. She looks gorgeous and I look... tired. Can you blame me? I spent all day over the stove!
Anna, Marissa, and Anishka.
E was such a big help to me during the party. This is not exactly our best photo, but I still think Ethan looks handsome!
The infamous Chris Ham and dearest Anna Jay.
Ethan with the stars.
The girls of the party, post-9pm. :]
When somebody suggests a "Lady Gaga" pose, this scene is what ensues.

I love friends.


Anna said...

looks like an amazing little dinner party! i so miss living near all my friends! xox

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

you have nice friends - so cool