Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Durang Durang.

The Winter One Act Festival (featuring Christopher Durang's " 'Dentity Crisis' and Carly Mensch's "All Hail Hurricane Gordo") opened and closed this weekend. It was nothing short of amazing, of course! Gotta love my title - a cheeky play on Christopher Durang's name, which I've pirated from a series of performances which my dear friend Anna costumed.

Speaking of Anna, and Chris, and Dan, and Michelle...

Each of these sweethearts came from all over the state of California to attend my show this weekend (of course, that's not the only reason they came home, but I'd like to think I'm a pretty big draw). I stole these rehearsal photos from Lauren, who also happened to perform wonderfully in "All Hail Hurricane Gordo." ;]

Hey, check it out - it's my son/husband/father/lover. I'm not kidding. This was probably taken moments after we smooched. Lucky man.
Cross-dressing is always funny.
Yes, I am putting her in a straight jacket. No big.
Here are a couple shots of the " 'Dentity Crisis' cast and our lovely director Rachel in the purple.
Do you recognize Blake? How about my [minorly altered] my costume designs?

Anyway, after Saturday's show, I went out to greet my family and found my friends waiting for me. I was so surprised, I almost cried. It meant so much to me! Michelle took off, but the rest of us went for pizza. :]

Anna and Chris eying our shared BBQ chicken pizza. Not pictured: Dan and his stellar cheese pizza.

I'd like to offer an immense thanks to everybody who attended the show on Saturday and Sunday. My heart was exploding with happiness to perform for you all and with gratefulness for your support. My cast was so glad to have shared the weekend with you!


Allison said...

Ooh, I'm so unhappy I was unable to come- this looks fabulous and FUN!! I'm glad, though, that you enjoyed yourself!

Anna said...

oh gosh this looks like a wonderful time! and i think your outfit in the first photo is just about the cutest thing i ever did see!

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

oh my goodness. THAT COSTUME!!! tell me you can keep it to wear regularly? I love it. I want to hear your sing.